Alkilma Group

Alkilma Group starts, partners and invests with innovative entrepreneurs and companies to provide value to consumers.
Alkilma Group was created to support people with the courage to go into the marketplace and build something special.

The Alkilma Group Difference 

The people we partner with all have different needs. Some need passive capital investment. Others require experienced guidance and valuable connections to build their existing businesses .

Alkilma Group can simply deliver needed capital or provide investment and mentorship with active end-to-end involvement.




The market for Ataya already existed where companies & individuals lacked the services of a local, competent and personalized luxury gifts business. Ataya opened its office in Kuwait to serve clients with bespoke Royal Warrant Holder products from the UK


Founded in 2005. Dolce Antico imports fine chocolates from Italy, Dolce Antico creates unique packages that are as impressive as the candy itself. Biscuits, cookies and biscotti round out the product line.

2008 General Trading Co.:

2008 is a Kuwait based company that hosts a suite of businesses in the Security products & services. We seek products & services that will complement our expanding portfolio. We are committed to consistent excellence and continuous dedication to providin